About us

NSARE Ltd was established with wide railway industry support to help tackle current and future skills needs within the railway engineering industry.

In June 2013, we were presented with our BS 11000 Certificate of Registration for Collaborative Business Relationships. NSARE is the epitome of collaboration; it has been developed by the industry for the industry to fulfil the strategic role of developing and implementing the skills strategy, which supports the industry’s vision to create an engineering workforce with the necessary skills to support the maintenance, development and expansion of a first-class, cost effective 21st Century railway.

NSARE doesn’t deliver training — we work with employers to understand their skills needs, with training providers to ensure they are delivering what the industry needs and with other stakeholders, such as sector skills bodies and Government, to make sure that the industry has the right qualifications to support its vision.

Our Board is made up of a number of senior railway engineering employer and stakeholder representatives.

Our key activities include:

Training provision accreditation. From January 2012 we are managing the Network Rail training and assessment scheme (known as the RTAS scheme).  We plan to extend the opportunity for providers to become accredited to deliver other railway engineering training later in the year. For more information click here

NSARE launched SkillsID (national competence database) on 7th March, 2013, with the NSARE Board's support and significant endorsement by key players in the industry. SkillsID went live on 1st April, 2013. There has been an excellent response with 80 companies, employing (sponsoring) over 17,300 individuals that have signed up.

Click here to find more about SkillsID

Working with employers. We provide advice and support as well as more complex consultancy. Talk to us to find out how we can help you.

Industry promotion. We believe the railway engineering industry offers some great career opportunities — but we need to get this message out to school leavers and graduates.

The NSARE team is based in Carteret Street, Central London.

NSARE is part of a national network of National Skills Academies (NSA's). Funding to enable establishment of NSARE was confirmed as part of the Government’s new skills strategy in November, 2010, and the Academy was launched on 1 December 2010 at the House of Commons with more than 150 industry representatives present.  In January 2011 NSARE was incorporated as a ‘not for profit’ Company Limited by Guarantee, wholly-owned by its Members.